National poem month!

Heres a poem I wrote and decided to share with y’all! Enjoy!

who will you be?

voices,voices we all hear them but how many people actually listen.
who goes through the trouble to stand up for those who seem to have lost
there most important tool for human socialization,
without it your too humble and too deep to find your way back.
who will stand up for those who have become silenced
who will stand up for those who can’t.


17888686_10203432047637154_1606037614_nBelow are three of my all-time favorite snacks to make for Easter. They require no time and are simple to make. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake. Hope you guys enjoy!

1. The best-deviled eggs. Time: 15 mins.
One dozen hard-cooked eggs, cut in half
3 Tbsp. of sour cream ( optional)
3 Tbsp. KRAFT Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp of Dijon mustard
1/8 tsp. ground red pepper ( cayenne)
Make it
Mash egg yolk in a medium bowl with a fork.
Add sour cream, mayo, mustard; Mix well.
Spoon into center of whites; Sprinkle with pepper.

2. Easter Bunny Munch
Chex cereal
m&m’s ( I used peanut) or Hersey’s chocolate easter eggs
One bag of white chocolate chips
Make it
Throw pretzels, Chex, Cheerios, m&ms in a large bowl. Next, melt chocolate chips for 1 min or until creamy. After, pour the melted chocolate into the bowl and mix it all together. Finally, let it refrigerate for 15 mins and enjoy!

#3 Rice Krispies treats

Ingredients; 6 cups of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal
3 Tbsp Butter
one package of marshmallows (10 oz, about 40) or 4 cups of jet-puffed miniature marshmallows
Make it
In a microwave heat butter and marshmallows on high for three minutes, stirring after two minutes. Stir until smooth. Then add cereral and stir until well coated. Then evenly press the mixture onto wax paper and place into a pan. Afterwards let it cool off and then cut them into squares. Btw Microwave cooking times may vary.


Easter Gift Basket Ideas!

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We all know Easter’s around the corner which means Christ Has Risen and of course the Easter Bunny. For those who have children, a special someone in their life such as girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend here are a couple of great sites to find last minute Easter basket goodies. I’ll post them below. Remember to keep God in mind and don’t let the Easter bunny get the best of you!!!

  •  99 cents stores; they always have fun little nicknacks to include in Easter baskets as well as candy, cute containers to fill things in and did I forget to mention everything a $1. oops well, almost everything is 99 cents, but you get the point.
  •  Hobby Lobby or Michael’s; they have a whole section designated for each holiday, and as of right now hobby lobby has 40% off all Easter items excluding candy, and I forgot the other one, but you get the point. One of my favorite things is all the crosses and cute Easter figurines.
  •  TARGET, Walmart And walgreen’s ; that’s where the candies at!
  •  Silly Silly Girls; ALL time preppy and sorority girl stuff! From monograms to cute Stationary to candles. Its everything you would want in a store.